cop21 paris climate change conference pollution warning 2D animation collage




Every year, one of the most decisive gatherings for man is the Conference of Parties, aka COP. The 2015 climate conference allowed for the negotiation of the Paris Climate Agreement. It must make it possible to maintain the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees.

Creating a similar explanatory animation with the marketing strategy already in place did not suit me. The media had already covered the subject in all these aspects, most often in a sophisticated way. All ignored sponsors and partners. Among them are the biggest investors in non-renewable energy.

The approach of this project had to be symbolic and denunciatory. The recycling of images from another era, that of engraving, makes it possible to detach from the idealized and manufactured image of the event.


Royalty free images taken from The British Library

Directed and animated by Thomas CHARIER.


PARIS ~ 2015



COP21 gave birth to the first universal agreement on climate / global warming. This follows the climate negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The result of this meeting seems partly a success but its organization is much less.

The French government has decided to call on the largest multinationals as sponsors of the COP21. They are the heavyweights in terms of ecological and climatic damage. A perfect opportunity for lobbyists to defend their interests.

This incoherent funding strategy places vital negotiations in the hands of polluters.

  • ~ 80% of the energy consumed is of non-renewable origin ~



The general concept of this work lies in an animated illustration of a moral discourse. The graphic strategy accords with the ecological claim of the lyrics.

The objective is to express clearly the key figures around memorable graphic plans. The comparison of budgets must be fun without being boring through a process of rhythmic animations.


The graphic style is focused on the use of paper engravings cut and juxtaposed in digital collage. The combination of recycled images is a logical maneuver for an econceptor. The work remains coherent in form and substance.


The British Library Collection offers one million royalty free images. It is mainly composed of engravings and scientific writings. An intensive search in this monumental archive allowed the reconstruction of the monograms and the environment of the scenes.

cop21 paris climate change conference paper tear up transition collage 2D motion design

Animated transitions are involved in cutting the discourse into parts. They structure the narrative and help maintain attention by their dramatic effect.

Subtle offsets generate noise. They make it possible to break the immobility of the compositions. They also reproduce the animation defects of the stop-motion project.



The setting up of the voiceover during the cutting of the film made it possible to image the subject. Scenes are graphically imagined without the use of traditional diagrams and comparative grids.

The storyboard intervenes only in the indication of the actions. The design of the elements is summary because they will be exchanged for engravings.




One sheet represents the logo of COP21. The enumeration of the main participants reveals several rows of leaves and their acronyms. A flight of leaves comes to make disappear the plan.

A leaf twirls and enters the wallet as a ticket. The cost and the budget submission of the COP21 is staged as an expense report. The taxpayer returns to the field to claim the bill.

The image slides down to reveal the COP21 in a geometric chrysalis. A wire cage is drawn and traps the leaf. The letters present in the geometric form are captioned of three marketing principles.

The carbon footprint is staged against a background of smoke, illustrations of factories and imposing buildings. The transition is made by a cloud of pollution covering the entire plane.

Planet Earth is schematized in a globe and its resources in geographical maps. A flag is planted in Africa evoking the abuse of these rare resources. The image is torn apart and turns the globe into a Euro 2016 logo.

The budget of Euro 2016 is announced as well as the participation of the taxpayer. 40% of the chips are transferred. The animation isolates the taxpayer. Its funding is divided into four equal parts. These four shares represent four COP21s.

The COP21 logo appears and its slogan is shortened.



The animation of collages is akin to stop-motion techniques without having to worry about volumes. It is an effective and inexpensive way of illustration. The movement is constrained to only translations and rotations. This limit makes the work homogeneous and coherent.

Most of the work has been to recompose typography in collage. Each letter is animated by hand in a spirit of craftsmanship and traditional collage. The blade of the scissors is here replaced by the polygonal lasso recreating the jerky cutting attractions.



The animation of archive images is remarkable in the freedom of the creative process. The collages are articulated in flexible and spontaneous compositions. The movement adapts and gives new life to hazardous resources. The singular imperfection of the images provokes a feeling of satisfaction and remains out of the control of the designer.

As an eco-responsible designer my sensitivity to environmental issues is partly responsible for this project. A more ethical approach without denigrating the final aesthetic is a real challenge.