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The staging of the logos of the film industry has become more widespread. She settles into a short graphic story and reveals the entity behind the production of the film. It is generally unrelated to the work it introduces. The trend is changing and the integration of elements of the film universe has become commonplace.

The application of the graphic style in the credits makes it easier to immerse the viewer. This process initiates narration and introduces a brand in a more natural way.

My approach is similar to that of the film industry. The goal is to sublimate an emblematic project of the brand in nuances and subtlety. The logo is introduced in a diegetic manner in a graphic anamorphosis.


Directed and animated by Thomas CHARIER.


PARIS ~ 2014



NYX visuals is a french and fresh visual label specialized in motion design & scenography. Founded in 2010, the label aims to promote and distribute artists in relation with digital art.

The label is composed of graphic designers, stage developers and light engineers specialized in space layout and 3D content creation. Large-scale installations, exclusive structures, mapping, visual design and live VJ performance all lie at the heart of our activity.

Today dissolved, this collective of visual artists was established between Paris and Tokyo. One of their major works is a wired LED structure cutting out the space of a stairwell.

  • ~ in Greek mythology,
    Nyx was the primordial goddess of the night. ~



The introduction of a minimalist identity is generally a continuation of this one. It seeks to align with its very refined graphic strategy. Nevertheless, it almost never communicates the scope of the brand. It merges with the other minimalist strategies of competitors.

Nyx visual positions itself as a creator of experiences combining projection mapping, light installations, interactive devices, vjing and brand events.

Their installations structure the space taking into account the environment and the architecture of the place. The composition of an anamorphic scenography deceives the viewer and makes sense at a single point in space.

nyx movement loop introduction title design motion 3D cables anamorphosis

The programmable LED cables are the signature of the collective. In this work they cut out the space and compose the guidelines of the logo. This anamorphosis reflects the concepts and the overall strategy adopted by the collective.

The introduction of the logo retranscribes this feeling of breaking point where the abstract becomes concrete. The point is then unique, graphic just like the identity of nyx visual.


This anamorphosis is achievable thanks to a precise camera movement. The position of the camera creates a spatial ambiguity reinforcing the focus on the cables and the final logo. The leak lines generated by the steps of the staircase point to the center of the image and lead to the central logo.

The use of black and white is in keeping with the label's refined graphic strategy and blends elegantly with the logo.



This work expresses itself in a sequence shot and a simplistic narration making it possible to focus on the anamorphosis. Actions are precise and controlled.

The cutting was built at the same time as the preparatory design. In some sketches the composition and the camera movement are defined.



The camera is 90 degrees down. The decor suddenly appears, we observe the ceiling but without spatial reference. The camera travels backward through the cables stretched across the spiral staircase.

The camera decelerates to reach the breaking point of the anamorphosis and the logo appears. The background goes out, the logo flickers and glows like a neon.



Surrounding volumes are essential in creating an anamorphosis. The representation of the staircase and the cables is comparable to the scenographer's approach. He conceives the feasibility of a project by calculating the volumes of a place and the staging of the scenes.

This approach is generally done in 3D with the models and technical plans of the architecture.

Here the complexity of the anamorphosis has removed the possibility of a real capture. Even a millimeter camera movement would never have been so smooth.



The animation of a logotype requires unprecedented graphical solutions. The almost infinite possibilities challenge the motion designer and allows him to express his vision of an identity.

Myself former actor of this collective this animation is a testimony of the creative process of the label.