rare species kinetype ironic illustration color grainy animation 2D motion design


kinectic drama


The play is a medium very little covered by animated graphics. As a live show, digital content is not or very little used. It is one of the rare artistic domain immune to the rise of digital practices.

Nevertheless, there are modern pieces such as Cinq visages for Camille Brunelle where the staging benefits from a digital scenography. This show deals with social networks and new means of expression. In this work the tone is offbeat but meaningful.

My illustration process was built around popular metaphors. The caricature and comical attractions of the actions outweigh the lyrics. The quick enumeration of species creates a superposition of ideas and reinforces the burlesque side of the play. The work here is only a very short excerpt from the piece.


Cinq visages pour Camille Brunelle

Performed by

Mickaël GOUIN

Script by Guillaume CORBEIL

Directed and animated by Thomas CHARIER


PARIS ~ 2015



Portrait after portrait, five young Quebecers show themselves, define and build their future publicly. They reveal themselves in a lively and brief language through enumeration of virtual friends and an excess of cultural references.

The tendency is that it is necessary at all costs, and forever, to be of his time. At the same time, they build their lives from films seen, evenings lived and encounters hoped for. They are five to stage, in front of us, the spectacle of their life.

  • ~ blue whales
    galápagos tortoises
    white sharks
    golden eagles ~



The theme of the passage concerns four endangered species. It is illustrated through redundancy, accumulation, over-information generated by petitions.

These species are humanized on a comic note and a dramatic backdrop. The sharp text catches us and strikes us.

rares species golden eagles shake illustration color grainy texture animation 2D motion design

The lyrics are illustrated both in pictures but also in typographic animation. The very short format constrains narration to a single action per plan. Nevertheless the two elements come alive in pairs. The image is subtly animated and completed by an appearance of diegetic text.


This combination is intelligently dosed for a quick reading of the information. The placement of typographic elements is illustrated as a stamp, a label. Humans have a look of wildlife, their species is also endangered.


The flat colors adorn the illustrations with a bright and loud palette. This is one of the characteristics of caricature, the immoderation even in color. The palette remains the same for the different species in a spirit of graphic unity.



This very short project was built around quick sketches of intent. Each scene is the subject of a digital illustration and a typographic work.

The actions remain simple and limited by the graphic style. Animation ideas developed during the illustration phase.



Four endangered species are compared to the human species by the absurd.

A monumental swimmer in a jersey is doing the trick.

A grandmother with her bag full, struggling to move with her back curved. A denture sinks slowly in a glass. A character stirs hips revealing a winged tattoo almost become a relic of modern times.



The technical challenge of this project was to animate the grain independently of other forms. The choice of fixed shots as well as the short format allowed to push the work until this subtle detail.

These 4 animations had recourse to the traditional animation for a more organic management of the flat colors but also the text. Each appellation is animated according to its meaning.

rares species tortoise typographic animation wiggle motion design
rares species white shark typographic animation water motion design


In this kind of project the narration is usually always imposed by the illustration. It leaves very little room for animation work.

Here the context makes it possible to work on illustration and animation as a whole. The anticipation of the work of the movement upstream of the graphic concept is always satisfactory.

Motion design excels in these extreme, very fast cases, where the symbolic is the heart of the subject. The animation manages to give life to the narration with only one word of illustration.