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founded by Thomas CHARIER and based in Paris.

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the philotoasty.

By combining current techniques with more traditional methods, Thomas aspires to conceptual, elegant, and mindful animations.

Artisanship and aesthetics go hand in hand.

For this reason, the studio strives to develop a minimalist aesthetic and believes that the close correlation between artisanship and simplicity is an essential basis for an extraordinary and timeless motion graphics.

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  • craftsmanship is key.

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about thomas.

Thomas CHARIER is a french creative motion graphic artist based in Paris with more than 5 years of industry experience.

After several years of experience in the field of graphic animation and successful participations in many competitions, he sought to establish a link between his minimalist creative vision and digital craftsmanship.

Launching toasty in 2019 enabled him to approach hand-made design in a more tangible way.

His special background and multifaceted projects at the interface of motion design, traditional & 3D animation facilitate a broad and unconventional creating.

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