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the road eraser


X-TAON is a concept car designed by the talented automotive designer Takumi YAMAMOTO in partnership with the 3D modeler Frédéric GASSON. This model is staged in a community body painting competition.

The theme of the art car is based on the principle of a collaborative work between a car manufacturer and a generally recognized graphic artist. One of the most iconic cars of art was the 1979 BMW M1, painted by Andy WARHOL.

The objective of this project is to interfere in the skin of a car designer but also to prove his texturing abilities in a contest.

Here is my own version of the X-TAON show car.


X-TAON art car texturing contest powered by Substance

Concept & design: Takumi YAMAMOTO

Modeling: Frédéric GASSON

Creative Direction ~ lighting ~ shading ~ compositing: Thomas Charier

Community ~ Contest ~ Texturing ~ 3D

PARIS ~ 2018



Substance formerly Allegorithmic provides texturing tools for production studios but also for independent digital artisans.

Their clientele includes the video game market, the film industry, but opens the door to other sectors such as object design, automotive and interior design.

X-TAON is for the acronym of The Art Of Noise. This name comes from the very first prototype of the engine Substance of the founder of Allegorithmic, Sébastien DEGUY.

The 3D model of the concept car was provided by Substance and was part of the X-Taon Art Car contest. The entries of this competition are judged according to criteria of artistic quality, of originality, of creativity and finally of technical execution.

  • ~ minimalistic but full of details. ~



Automotive design is an artistic field with a rich graphic and historical background. This practice enjoys an emancipation of design but also ideas. A car may be more than just a means of transport.

Concept cars are at the forefront of design. Their futuristic spirit fascinates amateurs and visionaries. Their aggressive curves shape the face of the automotive world of tomorrow. Nevertheless certain aspects of the car remain fundamental and impose themselves as obvious constraints.


An art car is usually the transcript of a canvas on a body. The artist composes with his favorite palette by caring or not the curves of the model. He seldom cares about technical components such as air vents and rims.

My minimalist vision refines and colors the model in a juxtaposition of geometric shapes. The codes of the traditional car are broken, the existing curves are sublimated.


This concept car gets rid of elements of details considered too contemporary to leave more space for expression in flat areas.

  • ~ the art of the noise ~


Geometrical asymmetry in black and white is reminiscent of minimalist processes. Solid colors are not just colors, but striking textures and plastic surfaces.

The work unfolds as the camera gets closer to the subject and detail of the bodywork. The model thus benefits from distinct profiles according to the point of view of the viewer.

xtaon contest turntable car loop minimalist 3D texturing iray cyclo

The road eraser looks like a race car. The tires are revisited by color and a logotype work. The rims are restricted to their primary form reinforcing the raw side.

The body unloads as much weight as possible, favoring light materials. The gum is in the spotlight! Subtle stickers and typographic flats remind us of the name of the X-TAON concept car and the competitive universe of the race.



Pre-production was decisive in the choice of the final concept thanks to the in-depth study of the curves. This first draft is similar to the stages of creation character design where all the angles of the character are studied.

The different views were extracted in 3D and then reworked and refined numerically.



This car can outperform any supercar thanks to special tires and a light body. A superior grip on the road is always synonymous with victory.

This setup will surely become a standard.

Who needs carbon when you have gum!



The biggest challenge of this concept car was to completely rework the front bumper. The modification of the 3D modeling was forbidden in this contest urging us to push the boundaries of texturing. The rocker ventilation grille has been transformed into a lighthouse and the license plate has been modified into a radiator grille.

The personality of a car is mainly in its lighting game. My graphic strategy diverts and hides LED headlights. The character of this racing car is metamorphosed by a new orange and intimidating look.



The road eraser took 4th place!

The conceptualization of the shapes and the general appearance of this car fascinated me. The aim was to sublimate Takumi YAMAMOTO's curves with elegance and precision while appropriating some of the emblematic parts of the bodywork.

This type of competition is unique because of the cultural relationship it establishes between design personalities and independent creatives. A competitive atmosphere without tension is the most rewarding experience for a designer.