katharsis siriusmo music video animation 3D dog loop concept




Repetition is the basis of any musical work. The sample has become a standard in electronic music. This rule paces and governs the codes of the contemporary music video.

The measurements structure the piece and thus guide the frequency of appearance of the visuals that illustrate it. The beat per minute governs the musical discourse and thus the narrative discourse.

This notorious system is here exploited to its climax. This work proposes an absolute parallelism between the musical sample and the visual loop for the duration of a clip.


Produced, directed and animated by Thomas CHARIER & Benjamin RYLEWSKI


PARIS ~ 2015



Siriusmo, whose real name is Moritz FRIEDRICH, is a Berlin-based electronic music composer. It is distinguished by its fetish instrument, the Korg Trident, an analog synthesizer of 1980.

His album Mosaik, produced by the Monkeytown Records label, is one of his most famous pieces. His universe comes directly from Berlin techno. Siriusmo stands out in his original choice of rhythm and the extravagant tone of his instruments.

His unstructured melodies keep a balance over the albums. His music is often compared to that of Modeselektor, or Jan Driver, who are none other than the artists with whom he started.

  • ~ the Plasterer of Love ~



Catharsis, Katharsis in German, means "purification" in Greek. The purification of the body and the spirit consists in freeing oneself of one's emotions as well as one's ambivalence.

Aristotle, defined this phenomenon as the corresponding action to cleanse, purify, purge. It has first of all the religious meaning of purification, and refers in particular to the ritual of expulsion practiced in Athens the day before the Thargelia.


The interpretation of the piece can be synthesized to a search hindered satiety. The concept translates into the use of a short loop that is incremented with obstacles and disruptive elements to the reading of the information.

The animation is in full synchronization with the song. It detaches itself during key moments to enter more into the narrative and to propose a visual intermission.


The strategy of a loop narrative imposes a concise and repetitive scenario. In this situation the staging of the stage and the actors is crucial.

A dog falls into a trap and finds himself in a cage. He then falls in a loop in an infinite staircase of a Chinese lane.

The action is centered on the cage and its comic repetition. The progressive accumulation of furniture over time remains subtle and is introduced as an aberration.

  • ~ madness! ~


The clip challenges by its graphic audacity. The unique 3D composition and the sequence plan proclaim this work as experimental.

The enigmatic scenario and the juxtaposition of the elements in the composition push the viewer to the point of mental rupture.


The originality of the clip is characterized by the use of a recurring element, a stop-motion animation, the use of modular compositions and staging by the absurd.



The storyboard of this video clip is organized into three parts: the introduction, the loop and the ending.

The chaotic beginning of the piece allows the introduction of the decoration in a fixed plane. The loop starts the camera movement and is divided into four sets. The outcome ends the song after a crescendo rise of the tempo.



A dog stumbles repeatedly in a cellar. He ransacked the furniture to the rhythm of the first notes. The dog stops in front of the visible stairs. A cage falls from the ceiling and the trap. The cage falls in turn a staircase. The staircase is endless.

A cage containing the dog falls without stopping. The stairs go up in rhythm with the measure of the piece. The cage seems to fall and bounce on the spot. The wall of the staircase changes aesthetics as the staircase goes up. Many elements strew the stairs and come to decorate the descent.

The descent accelerates, the staircase goes up very fast. The cage hits a lucky statue and then falls one last time into a dark corner filled with Manekineko. The statuettes are evil and curse the dog. It turns into a washing machine. She emits a last breath before concluding the piece.



The organization of the production confronted the technical problems of a photo-realistic 3D animation.

PBR rendering has imposed a rigorous workflow of modeling, UV unfolding and texturing. The optimization of the scene has been a considerable challenge to reduce the costs of rendering.

The infinite staircase is too long to model it completely. Rendering instances did not present themselves as a viable solution to the changing nature of the environment.

The simplest solution is to cut the main loop into four separate blocks. They disappear out of the field and move back to the beginning of the loop.



This music video is the end of a self-taught learning of 3D animation. The experimentation of the stop-motion 3D in this work reaches new degrees of control.

The 3D stop-motion has become my favorite expression thanks to its fundamental approach and surprising efficiency.